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Our Mission

ERNW Sectools provides tools that will make IT environments a safer place. We are engineering our knowledge, experience and expertise into new security tools and we ensure, that our tools are designed and developed in a secure manner.

Our Latest Tool - DirectoryRanger

  • Collects security settings from companies Active Directory
  • Considers your operational procedures
  • Provides Information about the blind spot of you AD
  • Hints to potentially compromised areas of your AD
  • Maps results to industry best practices or a custom baseline
  • Gives concrete mitigation advice

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Latest ERNW SecTools News

December 11, 2018

ERNW Whitepaper 67: Active Directory Trust Considerations

Last week Will “harmj0y” Schroeder published an excellent technical article titled “Not A Security Boundary: Breaking Forest Trusts” in which he lays out how a highly critical security compromise can be achieved across a forest boundary, resulting from a combination of default AD (security) settings and a novel attack method. His post is a follow-up […]

December 10, 2018

And Five Talks More Were Accepted at TROOPERS19!

And five talks more were chosen for TROOPERS19! It sounds like it is going to be the best year ever again… Follow us on Twitter (@WEareTROOPERS) for more information and do not hesitate to use our hashtag #TR19 when you have questions or remarks about TROOPERS19! Your TROOPERS Team

December 03, 2018

DirectoryRanger 1.1.0 Introduces Informational Audit Checks

With version 1.1.0 our tool DirectoryRanger introduces a new feature: informational audit checks. These checks do not have a severity rating because they are just “for your information” and the included information might or might not contain security issues, depending on other facts. But these checks can help to reduce your Active Directory attack surface […]

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