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Our Mission

ERNW Sectools will provide tools that will make IT environments a safer place. We are engineering our knowledge, experience and expertise into new security tools and we will ensure, that our tools will be designed and developed in a secure manner, so they won’t become a weak link in customer environments.


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    As part of our product support service our professionals can support or take over the complete installation and integration of our products into customer environments. They are familiar with big enterprise networks and the corresponding technology. Please contact us for more details.

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    Our products come with a rich feature set of functionality and reports, but we also offer customizing of our products like adding additional features, more reports, integration into SSO environments or whatever needs customizing. We are here to make it work, so do not hesitate to ask us, if you have special requirements.

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Latest ERNW SecTools News

May 25, 2023

IMF Conference 2023 in Munich

The IMF Conference is the International Conference on IT Security Incident Management & IT Forensics. This year it took place from May 23 to 24 in Munich. The schedule lists a lot of interesting talks. One of the talks was my presentation on a paper about Ceph forensics, based on my Master Thesis:

May 05, 2023

AD /Azure Security Track on Troopers 23

Hi! We’re excited to announce the nearly complete composition of the Active Directory & Azure Security Track on Troopers 23 with fantastic speakers! Here we go: “Dumping NTHashes from Azure AD” (Nestori Syynimaa) “Hidden Pathways: Exploring the Anatomy of ACL-Based Active Directory Attacks and Building Strong Defenses” (Jonas Bülow Knudsen, Alexander Schmitt) “Priority for Effective […]

May 04, 2023

Hack In The Box Security Conference 2023 @ Amsterdam – Summary

In this blog post, we are sharing summaries of talks from the Hack in the Box Conference in Amsterdam (HITBSecConf2023), the final HITB conference in Amsterdam. Before we do that, however, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the organizers of the conference for putting together such an insightful and engaging event.

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