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Our security response process

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    Contact us

    Send us an Email with the following information:

    • Affected product
    • Responder email address
    • Your name, if you like

    Please do not attach any files or include any details about the issue in this mail. Our email address for security issues:

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    Please wait for our response

    We will send a response email with information how to proceed:

    • E.g. providing an upload link for additional information
    • Schedule a webex session

    Expect this email within one business day.

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    Working together on the issue

    We will work together with you to reproduce, understand and confirm the issue.

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    Plan the schedule for mitigation

    We will plan the schedule for the mitigation of the issue and inform you of the time line for coordinated disclosure.

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    We will confirm that we successfully mitigated the issue and we will confirm the release date of the security advisory.

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    Release of security advisory

    Coordinated release of security advisory.

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