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ERNW SecTools GmbH is the youngest member of the ERNW family. It broadens the ERNW portfolio by developing IT security related software as measured by our own high standards.

ERNW Universe

ERNW Insinuator

Our company blog is the main source for research and insights created at ERNW, reflections on the information security world, and practical security advice resulting from assessment and consulting projects.

ERNW Research

Our first daughter company focuses on research work of all kinds, which can comprise publicly funded projects, cooperation with universities or fellow researchers, and the supervision and support of ERNW-internal research or methodology-focused projects.

ERNW Insight

Following our belief that knowledge must be shared, ERNW Insight focuses on finding and developing the best ways to make ERNW knowledge accessible to all (e.g. by hosting ERNW’s TROOPERS conference).

ERNW SecTools

The youngest member of the ERNW family broadens the ERNW portfolio by developing IT security related software as measured by our own high standards.

Our mission

We have lined up to change something in the way how soft- and hardware is build today. For decades we have spotted vulnerabilities in soft- and hardware and for decades nothing changed, so it is time that our vision of secure soft- and hardware becomes reality.

In the 19th century we had a similar situation with electricity. There were a lot of accidents,because people didn’t know how to use electricity in a secure manner, but that changed after improvement of the technology. Engineers developed and implemented safety features to avoid these accidents and nowadays usage of electricity is almost safe.

We are here to do the same within the world of information technology.

ERNW Sectools will provide tools that will make IT environments a safer place. We are engineering our knowledge, experience and expertise into new security tools and we will ensure, that our tools will be designed and developed in a secure manner, so they won’t become a weak link in customer environments.

We will design our products in a way, that they will fit into our customer environments, without lowering their actual level of security.

Our products will be delivered „secure by default”, no additional hardening is required, no costly work to determine, what security features can be enabled and which one not.

If we have raised your attention, do not hesitate to contact us. We want to make the world a safer place and we would like to start making your IT environment a safer place.

Your support is needed to let our vision come true.


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    As part of our product support service our professionals can support or take over the complete installation and integration of our products into customer environments. They are familiar with big enterprise networks and the corresponding technology. Please contact us for more details.

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    Our products come with a rich feature set of functionality and reports, but we also offer customizing of our products like adding additional features, more reports, integration into SSO environments or whatever needs customizing. We are here to make it work, so do not hesitate to ask us, if you have special requirements.

Latest ERNW SecTools News

December 11, 2018

ERNW Whitepaper 67: Active Directory Trust Considerations

Last week Will “harmj0y” Schroeder published an excellent technical article titled “Not A Security Boundary: Breaking Forest Trusts” in which he lays out how a highly critical security compromise can be achieved across a forest boundary, resulting from a combination of default AD (security) settings and a novel attack method. His post is a follow-up […]

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